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My Characters’ Outfits

Today I thought I would showcase some of my characters’ outfits because many people on the forums ask about good outfits and such. I spend a lot of time in-game working out my outfits and take a lot of pride in them. So here they are…

What We Wish Other Classes Knew

For every* class, the Lorebook has a guide written by the community for what they wish others knew about their class. Here are those guides, all in one place.







Lore Masters


*Every class but Rune-Keepers, unfortunately…

But don’t worry, I plan on making posts later that go into more details about each class.

Marchwarden Tanking Guide

As seen here at the LOTRO Lorebook site.

This guide has been immensly useful. When I got to level 60 on my warden, I realized I would immediately be require to group, however due tot he nature of the warden class, I had solo’d my entire way to 60 for the most part. I needed to learn how to tank and fast and this guide certainly did the trick. Its especially helpful because of the backwards way our traits work: One would think traiting the Fist line would improve your tanking abilities, however it doesn’t.