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LOTRO Crafting Calculator Updates!

After much testing and trying, Nav has finally come up with some great updates for the LOTRO Crafting Calculator!

Cremello/PAX East Steed

Logged in after the patch and got my Cremello Horse. Here’s a video of it!

Rise of Isengard Expansion Announced!

According to the press release, we get…

  • Level cap raise to 70
  • New areas, including Isengard and Dunland
  • New PvMP enhancements, including a new zone!
  • Ghostbusters of Middle-Earth

    May be old news, but on one of the French servers, this video was made a while ago.

    I Am Lore-Master

    From the people who brought you I Am Warden, now introducing I Am Lore-Master.

    The Lord of the Rings – Online “Loremaster Trailer” from EveNArtworkS on Vimeo.