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Saviour of Lothlorien deed fixed on BR, Pictures!

Here are some pictures of the newly obtained Wild Mountain Goat, now that the most recent patch to Bullroarer has been made.

Pale Golden Summer Horse

Coming to a Summer Festival near you in June 2010!


Bullroarer’s Up, and Patch Notes!

This news has literally been out for a few minutes, so dig in and start updating your BR client!

Patch Notes

Of note from the notes: New Summer Horse!

World First Blue Roan Horse!

Spring Festival just got included on Bullroarer public test server. I am the world first (squee!) to get this horse:

More pictures here. Also, check my V3B1 Cosmetics and cooking photo albums again because I added more to both of them.

V3B1 Pictures from Bullroarer

Gallery of stuff you can get from the Rift Skirmish rewards

Gallery of new Cook recipes, both auto-granted and Malledhrim Rep

I know it’s annoying to have to click on the link and all, but it would have been much worse to have a giant pic dump.