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November Update’s New Mounts

Here are pictures of the new Reputation and meta-Reputation mounts!

Very very interesting designs. I like some more than others, and some I think are outright ugly. Won’t stop me from grinding rep though!

And yes, we do have horses with flags now.

November Update: Class Consumables

Over on the forums someone posted the first iteration of the new consumables that are on Bullroarer. I say first iteration because as Sapience loves to remind us, anything in beta is subject to change.

With that in mind, here’s the giant picture of some of the new consumables.

New 2010 Yule Fest Items

I can’t tell you much about the new Winter-home village and Frostbluffs area for the 2010 Yule Festival because character copy is broken at the moment, but I have snagged some pics of the new cosmetic items!

Dye Comparison Pictures

Under the ‘Read More’ is pictures of how the new dyes compare with the old! Check them out!

I used the ‘Elegant Dress’ because you can see the dye vividly and in a pastel way at the same time.

Captain Changes

In this post I will be going over the changes that have occurred to the Captain class in the F2P beta, specifically the trait line changes.