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Flag Fluttering and Hat Waving in Update 2

Okay, bit of a misleading title, but it sounds cool, eh? On the most recent build in Bullroarer, the flags of the special reputation horses now flutter in the breeze! Here I have a video showing that feature off. I also have screenshots of two new cosmetic hats available in the LOTRO Store.

Winter-home Deed Rich/Poor Cosmetics

As I posted earlier, once completing 30 quests in Winter-home, the new Yule Fest town, you will be given the choice between two quests. The cosmetic quest rewards for each match the kind of people you will be helping (You get fancy clothes for helping the rich, shabby clothes for helping the poor).

I love the cosmetics of each! I will definitely be utilizing the wardrobe on these babies, let me tell you!


Without further ado, here they are!

Cosmetic Rune Satchels

Sorry for the pause in coverage of the November Update beta! I was spending my last few days in New Zealand with my family and now I’m back in the States!

It seems that while I was gone they fixed the ability to view cosmetic rune satchels in the store, yay! So here I present pictures of the rune satchels.

In other beta news, there seems to be a roaring debate over the new Winter-home quests and storyline. There are generally three kinds of quests you can get from Winter-home: Good (helping the poor), Bad (helping the rich), and Neutral (have no bearing either way, like the snowball fight). There are those who think that having bad quests like this at Yule is a Very Bad Idea. If you want to read the whole 8 page debate, here it is. Apparently, there is a deed for completing 30 quests in Winter-home. This deed then unlocks an option to do one final Good quest or Bad quest. Depending on which you choose, you get a specific title and a specific set of cosmetics. Not sure if I have the patience to do that on two characters in time for the update to go live (whenever that is), but we shall see.

Anyway, here’s the satchels:

New Cloaks in the Store: November Update

I love public betas. They are so good to me. Unfortunately, I was too excited by the pretty-ness of these cloaks and forgot to move the tooltip around so that it would show up in the screen shot. But I think you guys will still appreciate seeing some pretty new cloaks anyway :)

So just to note: they are all 195 TP in the store (at present, remember this is beta) and they each have a Hooded and non-hooded version. There is one in here that is the non-hooded version, and that’s what all the non-hooded look like (that high-neck styling).

By the way, one of the cloaks totally looks like the LOTRO version of Three Wolf Moon.

Detailed Screenshots of Elf Ambassador Horse, Rivendell Horse and Mathom Horse

I wasn’t entirely happy with the quality of some of the screen shots that were available for the new mounts, so I decided to pony up (pun intended) for the mounts that I could get and took some high res detail shots of the horses.