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Fans of Epics Rejoice: Volume 2 Revamp is Coming!

Sapience said in a recent thread:

The main story arc (not the Epilogues) of Volume II is being revamped in the same manner Volume I was in the past. So you’ll be able to choose to solo through it if you wish.

For those of you (I should say ‘us’ as I am included in this group) who have not been able to finish Volume 2 due to the large amount of group required content, fear no more. You too shall be able to use Inspired Greatness (or something similar, I assume) to finally finish off your Volume 2 quests. Yay!

Monster and Quest Name Indicator Colors

I’ve seen many posts in the new players forums asking what the colors mean in terms of the mob name colors and quest name colors. I figured it’s about time I make a post about this.

Grey 10+ levels below you
Green 6+ levels below you
Light Blue 4+ levels below you
Blue a few levels below you
White On your level, or give or take a level
Yellow a few levels above you
Orange 4+ levels above you
Red 6+ levels above you
Purple 10+ levels above your

Scourge of Khazadum Instances Meta Deed and Reward

Mines of Moria Instances Meta Deed and Reward

Shadows of Angmar Instances Meta Deed and Reward