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November Update: Bullroarer Patchnotes are Up!

Here are the notes in full.

Of special note:

  • Big increase to reputation mounts, both in quantity of mounts and the abilities thereof.
  • Barter Wallet, for all your skirmish marks! (OMG Finally!)
  • Ered Luin re-vamp
  • Storage re-vamp
  • Tasks: infinitely repeatable quests, over 250 of them
  • Character re-name tokens in the store
  • Crafting changes: farmers get a break and something new called ‘Ingredient Packs’
  • New consumables for all classes

Also missed this on first go through:

New Dye colors are available: Evendim Blue, Sea Blue, Forest Green, Ered Luin Blue, Purple, Rivendell Green, Rose, Crimson, Ranger Green, and Yellow. Keep an eye open for the new dye recipes or visit the Lotro Store where the new dyes are also available.


Patchnote Round Up

Everyone has specific things they look for in the patch notes. I’m just going to post the things I found most exciting:

  • Anniversary tokens! For every 5 you get a gift box. Who knows what you could win.
  • Writ of Virtue: 20% bard discount for all your current and future characters
  • Spring Fest return: Don’t forget to go get your Blue Roan and Spring Fest steeds, April 26 through May 3 only!
  • Meta deeds: Saviour of Eriador, Savior of Khazad-dum, Saviour of Lothlorien

Everyone Loves Patchnote Day

Patchnotes, YAY!

Now you can all stop whining and get your bloody horse(s).

Bullroarer’s Up, and Patch Notes!

This news has literally been out for a few minutes, so dig in and start updating your BR client!

Patch Notes

Of note from the notes: New Summer Horse!

Bullroarer Patchnotes for V3B1 (2.5.2010)

Are here!

I know they aren’t final, but here are some of the things that make me especially happy:

-Duo mode is now available for skirmishes!
Certain skirmishes will now give you an option to play as a 2 person group.

- (Captain skill upgrade) Watchful Shield Brother – Adds a boost to maximum morale and a power boost to the toggle effect.

- (New Warden gambit) Unerring Strike – Spear-5 skill, is less likely to be Block/Parried/Evaded and applies a DoT

- Players may now add notes to their friend and ignore lists.

- Regional fishing treasure profiles have been significantly altered. Many types of fish can only be caught in certain regions now, making it easier overall to catch the specific fish you are looking for. Some types of rare fish related to barter rewards and/or deeds have been moved to new regions entirely, and may not be available in regions they could previously be caught in.

- Tomatoes, Shire Apples, Golden Shire Taters, and Green Peas fresh from the farm! New farming crop recipes have been added for Expert, Artisan, Master, and Superior Farmers! These recipes are automatically granted to Farmers at the appropriate tiers of their profession.

- New Trail Food recipes for cooks of all skill levels have arrived! These new recipes allow cooks to make new foods that will temporarily increase the user’s Fate or Will. These recipes are automatically granted to Cooks at the appropriate tiers of their profession.

- The Bree-land Outfitter (located in the Weapons & Armour Shop in Bree) now sells some additional footwear.

- Skirmish player cosmetic items are now Bind on Equip. Items already purchased will stay bound to the character that purchased them.