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Cosmetic Rune Satchels

Sorry for the pause in coverage of the November Update beta! I was spending my last few days in New Zealand with my family and now I’m back in the States!

It seems that while I was gone they fixed the ability to view cosmetic rune satchels in the store, yay! So here I present pictures of the rune satchels.

In other beta news, there seems to be a roaring debate over the new Winter-home quests and storyline. There are generally three kinds of quests you can get from Winter-home: Good (helping the poor), Bad (helping the rich), and Neutral (have no bearing either way, like the snowball fight). There are those who think that having bad quests like this at Yule is a Very Bad Idea. If you want to read the whole 8 page debate, here it is. Apparently, there is a deed for completing 30 quests in Winter-home. This deed then unlocks an option to do one final Good quest or Bad quest. Depending on which you choose, you get a specific title and a specific set of cosmetics. Not sure if I have the patience to do that on two characters in time for the update to go live (whenever that is), but we shall see.

Anyway, here’s the satchels:

Cithryth’s Walk: Conclusion!

Start time: 12:40 PM (CST) @ Bag End

Everything About Cosmetics: A Tutorial

Spring Festival Wrap-Up

Note: No, the festival isn’t over yet.

Just posting this as a way to put all the Spring Fest stuff in one post for easy findings.

Cosmetic Outfit Items

Housing Items

Festival Horse Pictures (Note: Ignore the text on this regarding not being able to get the horses, see the next link on how to get the horses)

Notes on How/When You Will Be Able to Get the Horses

My Characters’ Outfits

Today I thought I would showcase some of my characters’ outfits because many people on the forums ask about good outfits and such. I spend a lot of time in-game working out my outfits and take a lot of pride in them. So here they are…