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Role-player’s Guide Book: a Set of Resources

Here, I will be putting together a set of links and resources to help those new to role-playing in LOTRO and for those who need to brush up on their skills. I’m including anything that I think could be relevant to the needs of a role-player.

Just a Little News

  • I’m looking into getting a new WordPress theme. Probably one that shows a snippet of a lot of articles rather than this kind of reverse chronological one that I have now, seeing as chronology is not so important with the posts I make.
  • Thinking about submitting for a name change for Piccollo. I want something a bit more… lore-appropriate I guess. She’s from Bree-land so I’m thinking something like Abygail Thornwood or something slightly sinister sounding along those lines. Definitely going with Abygail for the first name though.
  • Still super busy with school stuff sorry! But I have lots of ideas for when I am un-busy. If you have any ideas for me or requests, whatever, let me know!

LOTRO Class Names in Other Languages

I found this interesting while looking at the European forums: it can be really hard to tell what classes are which in German or French! Some are pretty easy though.

Here are the names in German and French. See if you can figure them out! Click More to see the answers.


  1. Schurke
  2. Hauptmann
  3. Waffenmeister
  4. Wächter
  5. Jäger
  6. Kundiger
  7. Barde
  8. Runenbewahrer
  9. Hüter


  1. Cambrioleur
  2. Capitaine
  3. Champion
  4. Gardien
  5. Gardien des Runes
  6. Chasseur
  7. Maître du Savoir
  8. Ménestral
  9. Sentinelle

List of Names in Middle-Earth

I StumbledUpon this handy list of names for people in Middle-Earth of all genders, races and locations.

Although I usually use The Languages of Tolkien’s Middle Earth for all my character naming purposes, this is also a good list to give you some ideas when naming characters.