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A Visual Guide to Downloading and Installing Chiran’s Songbook Plugin

Chiran has created an amazing plugin for those interested in playing .abc files in game. For those of us who do, we know how annoying it can be sometimes alt-tabbing out of game to double check file names or using the /playlist option in-game to get an incredibly long list of all of our .abc files.

Role-player’s Guide Book: a Set of Resources

Here, I will be putting together a set of links and resources to help those new to role-playing in LOTRO and for those who need to brush up on their skills. I’m including anything that I think could be relevant to the needs of a role-player.

Tips for Hosting In-Game Events (Part 2): An Interview with Fionnuala

Fionnuala is another wonderful community member who leads and is active in player-run events. She has hosted such events as the Hearts and Tarts Night of Romance, the Birth of Flowers, and on the 20th of June she will be hosting the Gates of Summer. She also writes the blog, Minstrel in the Gallery.

A Visual Guide to Syncing .ABC Files

Tired of serenading alone? Want to try out a cool multi-part song? Here’s how you do it!

A Beginner’s Visual Guide to Using .ABC Files and the Music System

Many people want to play beautiful music in-game on many of the lovely instruments the developers have provided. However playing by hand is frustrating at best. So how do you go about playing actual songs?