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How To Get Summerfest Tokens Quickly

I know the point of the festivals is a nice, relaxing break from defending Middle-earth, however some people (myself included) really just want to get the cool stuff as quickly as they can! With the Spring Festival it was easy to do Shrew Stomp to get lots of tokens quickly but the Summer Festival is different.

With the Summer Festival starting next week, I figured I’d get everyone ready!

Horse Buyer’s Guide (Updated for F2P)

Buying your first horse can be complicated. When can I get horse? Where do I get a horse? How much is it?

Cithryth’s Walk: Conclusion!

Start time: 12:40 PM (CST) @ Bag End

Horses in Action

Decided to take off from the idea I had of making the video of the Pale Golden Summer horse and make a whole series of videos of special horses. I am limited, of course, as I do not have all available special horses but I do hope to one day. Here are the ones I have so far:a

Volume One Grey Horse

Harvestmath Horse

Yule Festival Snow Horse

Spring Festival Horse

Blue Roan Horse

Annuminas Horse

Pale Golden Summer Steed Video

Yay my first video!