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Steed of Minas Ithil

Today I was able to snag some screenshots of one of the Windfola winners of the Steed of Minas Ithil! Here is Gunbar on his pretty dwarf-pony!

Cremello/PAX East Steed

Logged in after the patch and got my Cremello Horse. Here’s a video of it!

Flag Fluttering and Hat Waving in Update 2

Okay, bit of a misleading title, but it sounds cool, eh? On the most recent build in Bullroarer, the flags of the special reputation horses now flutter in the breeze! Here I have a video showing that feature off. I also have screenshots of two new cosmetic hats available in the LOTRO Store.

LOTRO Design a Horse Contest!

Celestrata just announced a new Design a Horse Contest for this year’s PAX East convention!

To download the horse template, go here.

LOTRO fans, it’s time to show us your artistic and creative skills once again: we’re giving you the opportunity to submit your very own design for a horse which could be taken and implemented into the game as a player mount in a future content update.  The horse will be gifted to players who visit the Turbine booth at PAX East!

Below you can find the design template to use when creating your unique design. Please note, you only need to complete the side on view to complete a successful entry. The top-down and front views are there for additional details if you wish to provide them.

The areas of customization on the mount include:

  • Horse’s color and marking
  • Horse blanket pattern and color
  • Horse saddle

New Prized Malledhrim Mount (now with better pic)

As of Monday Dec 6, another reputation mount is available from the Thangulhad reputation vendors. To get it all you need is 20 Malledhrim gold star emblems and kindred rep.