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Steed of Minas Ithil

Today I was able to snag some screenshots of one of the Windfola winners of the Steed of Minas Ithil! Here is Gunbar on his pretty dwarf-pony!

Flag Fluttering and Hat Waving in Update 2

Okay, bit of a misleading title, but it sounds cool, eh? On the most recent build in Bullroarer, the flags of the special reputation horses now flutter in the breeze! Here I have a video showing that feature off. I also have screenshots of two new cosmetic hats available in the LOTRO Store.

The Steed of Night: Store Exclusive Mount

For a limited time only, the LOTRO Store has a store-exclusive mount, the Steed of Night.

It costs 1995 TP. Here are some pictures to help you make up your mind:


New Cloaks in the Store: November Update

I love public betas. They are so good to me. Unfortunately, I was too excited by the pretty-ness of these cloaks and forgot to move the tooltip around so that it would show up in the screen shot. But I think you guys will still appreciate seeing some pretty new cloaks anyway :)

So just to note: they are all 195 TP in the store (at present, remember this is beta) and they each have a Hooded and non-hooded version. There is one in here that is the non-hooded version, and that’s what all the non-hooded look like (that high-neck styling).

By the way, one of the cloaks totally looks like the LOTRO version of Three Wolf Moon.

Store-purchasable Cosmetics

Here are some pictures of many of the brand-new cosmetics available only in the LOTRO Store in Beta. Most of these (if not all) were 195 Turbine Points.