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LOTRO Introduces the Free People’s Press

Today, Turbine introduced a new Lorebook feature: the Free People’s Press – “Your weekly community roundup!”. This is a lovely idea and helps show the community what’s going on. It also gives a chance for everyone to get involved.

You can see the inaugural edition here.

Task System Guide

I’ve seen people asking for a guide to Tasks, as they are a new system and not everyone knows where everything is.

In the Lorebook there is a community guide being put together that pretty much answers any questions you could have. It details the location of Task boards, what you need to turn in, and the maximum and minimum levels for each task. It also has screenshots of the cosmetic deed rewards you can achieve.

Lorebook Task System Guide

Lorebook Gathering

Hello everyone!
I assume you know what the Lorebook is and you probably think it’s not what one would expect from an official wiki. And you are probably not using it that often.

It can get better though, a wiki is a powerful thing, there can be quest walkthroughs, outfit galleries and all the fancy stuff you can imagine, but – a big but – we need people.