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Weekly Lore #5 — PAX East Trivia Special

This week, Weekly Lore will be doing a special expansion on the Trivia contest that was held via LoTRO’s Twitter account for mount codes. The questions and correct answers will be listed first, followed further below by a brief summary and explanation. Due to the nature of the questions, these do not particularly pertain to content currently in LotRO, with the exception of the White Hand.

Everyone’s in a Tizzy!

So it seems with today’s announcement, everyone has just flown off the handle with speculation and assumption, as people are wont to do when an expansion is announced. It seems the biggest(and false) assumption that many people are making is that there will be no more updates until the expansion. Sapience has written the following to clear up some rumors:

For starters, we have said for the past few months that we were on the road to Isengard with a target late in 2011. So today’s announcement reinforces those comments and puts a name to that goal.

I know some players had hoped Rohan would be next, but we have only ever referred to Rohan as a place we will go to eventually and we will. We’ll also go to Mordor at some point. It’s just not ‘next’.

Despite some misinterpretation in the press, there are no plans for Isengard to contain open-world PvMP or PvP.

I’ve seen at least one comment suggesting mounted combat is coming with Isengard, this is also inaccurate. I don’t think it’s any secret that we’ve been working on our mounts system and adding in various features. Kate has even stated in interviews that we’re working on various concepts and prototypes for it. Clearly, we are interested in bringing this feature to our game, but it won’t be in 2011.

And finally, just because you know what’s coming at the end of next year it doesn’t mean there is nothing until then. We’ve already said we’re hard at work on our first update for 2011 and we’ve spoken openly about new raids, the removal of radiance, and a revamp of the Legendary item system. All of this and more is planned before Isengard releases in the fall.

Also, here is some more info for those who missed it (because I know I sure did until just now): In this interview with Adam Mersky and Aaron Campell, we get some more insight into the Rise of Isengard Expansion and 2011 in general. A lot of the article talks about the upcoming Novembe Update, however here are some juicy tidbits about what we can expect in 2011:

  • More zones and epic story books
  • The cosmetic system is getting an upgrade. Turbine promises more outfit tabs, more slots, and a whole lot of new items to wear.
  • Non-combat pets for all!
  • New endgame raids (emphasis on the s)
  • New mid-level instances
  • Lvl 65 First Agers
  • LI revamp
  • Good riddance to Radiance

And some more specifics on Rise of Isengard, not including those things I had mentioned in my last post:

  • Includes the zones Dunland, Gap of Rohan, and Isengard
  • PvMP for everyone, including F2P

Rise of Isengard Expansion Announced!

According to the press release, we get…

  • Level cap raise to 70
  • New areas, including Isengard and Dunland
  • New PvMP enhancements, including a new zone!