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A Beginner’s Visual Guide to Using .ABC Files and the Music System

Many people want to play beautiful music in-game on many of the lovely instruments the developers have provided. However playing by hand is frustrating at best. So how do you go about playing actual songs?

RusselDog’s Visual Guide to Entering Lotteries

RusselDog on the LOTRO Forums has created a simple, visual guide to entering the my.lotro lotteries.


Today I decided to try a new custom UI for Herefara. I settled with DaimonUI, because I know the author is always very consistent about updates: always records his changes and is always very prompt about updating with a new LOTRO update.

Nav’s Walk (is More Epic Than Mine)

After I posted about my walk earlier on the official forums, Sir-Rinthian jokingly said, “Next up… How long does it take to walk from the gate of Thorins Hall to the gates of Dol Guldur?”

Cithryth’s Walk: Conclusion!

Start time: 12:40 PM (CST) @ Bag End