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How To Get Summerfest Tokens Quickly

I know the point of the festivals is a nice, relaxing break from defending Middle-earth, however some people (myself included) really just want to get the cool stuff as quickly as they can! With the Spring Festival it was easy to do Shrew Stomp to get lots of tokens quickly but the Summer Festival is different.

With the Summer Festival starting next week, I figured I’d get everyone ready!

LOTRO E3 Round-Up

With E3 having come to a close this year, I’ll re-cap some of the exciting news and sneak-peeks that LOTRO showed the press these past few days. Maps, store views and more!

Memorial Day Photoshoot

Well, it’s Memorial Day here in the States so I thought I would take the day to make a photoshoot with Sriracha. Enjoy the pics!

Horse Buyer’s Guide (Updated for F2P)

Buying your first horse can be complicated. When can I get horse? Where do I get a horse? How much is it?

A Visual Guide to Syncing .ABC Files

Tired of serenading alone? Want to try out a cool multi-part song? Here’s how you do it!