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Meta Deeds Are Coming

In the next patch update (slated to release around the end of April), three new meta deeds are being released. “What is a meta deed?” you may ask. Well a meta deed is a deed that is completed after completing all of the other deeds in the area. One that exists currently in game is the Dol Guldur isntances deed wherein once you complete all the deeds in the Siege of Mirkwood instances, you get the Galadhrim War Steed. These new meta deeds work exactly the same way except they are for the past instance clusters. The only instances not covered in these new meta deeds are the Annuminas instances, the lower level Shadows of Angmar instances (Great Barrows, Garth Agarwaen, Fornost), and the Gath Forthnir battle instances.

Shadows of Angmar: Saviour of Eriador

Dunedain War Steed

Mines of Moria: Saviour of Khazadum

Nimble Black Goat

Scourge of Khazadum (Volume II, Book 8): Saviour of Lothlorien

Wild Mountain Goat

No Picture yet available due to bugged deed on Bullroarer

Siege of Mirkwood: Saviour of Mirkwood

Galadhrim War Steed

Pale Golden Summer Horse

Coming to a Summer Festival near you in June 2010!


Summer Festival 2010 Items!

Under the More is pictures of new items you will be able to get at this year’s Summer festival, which is slated to start in June.


Spring Festival Cosmetic Outfits!

Here are pictures of the new Spring Festival outfit pieces available this year!

World First Blue Roan Horse!

Spring Festival just got included on Bullroarer public test server. I am the world first (squee!) to get this horse:

More pictures here. Also, check my V3B1 Cosmetics and cooking photo albums again because I added more to both of them.