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;target Alias Guide

I always find myself trying to find this guide and needing to reference it. I didn’t even know about it for the longest time. Thought I’d post it here for those who have not yet discovered it.

The ;target alias and you!

It’s incredibly helpful for role-playing (When you have a set story you want to tell but don’t want to type the whole thing out live, have certain emotes you use all the time, etc), Lore-masters, and Festivals (I usually use the ;target alias for the dance steps!).

Monster and Quest Name Indicator Colors

I’ve seen many posts in the new players forums asking what the colors mean in terms of the mob name colors and quest name colors. I figured it’s about time I make a post about this.

Grey 10+ levels below you
Green 6+ levels below you
Light Blue 4+ levels below you
Blue a few levels below you
White On your level, or give or take a level
Yellow a few levels above you
Orange 4+ levels above you
Red 6+ levels above you
Purple 10+ levels above your

Task System Guide

I’ve seen people asking for a guide to Tasks, as they are a new system and not everyone knows where everything is.

In the Lorebook there is a community guide being put together that pretty much answers any questions you could have. It details the location of Task boards, what you need to turn in, and the maximum and minimum levels for each task. It also has screenshots of the cosmetic deed rewards you can achieve.

Lorebook Task System Guide

How To Get Summerfest Tokens Quickly

I know the point of the festivals is a nice, relaxing break from defending Middle-earth, however some people (myself included) really just want to get the cool stuff as quickly as they can! With the Spring Festival it was easy to do Shrew Stomp to get lots of tokens quickly but the Summer Festival is different.

With the Summer Festival starting next week, I figured I’d get everyone ready!

Horse Buyer’s Guide (Updated for F2P)

Buying your first horse can be complicated. When can I get horse? Where do I get a horse? How much is it?