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Bullroarer’s Up, and Patch Notes!

This news has literally been out for a few minutes, so dig in and start updating your BR client!

Patch Notes

Of note from the notes: New Summer Horse!

Festival Horse Vendor Update

First off: Sorry for the long no-post time.  Been busy with school/ leveling my RK (She’s 45 now btw :) )

As I posted earlier, they had taken down the horse barter vendor, William Peartree, for unforseen issues.

Quote Sapience from March 25:

Hey guys! The horse vendor will not be available until sometime near the planned end of the Spring Festival. Possibly later. The nature of this issue requires a client side patch to resolve.

Because we have a planned patch due around the end of Spring Festival, we intend to roll the fix for this issue into that patch. Because this will occur after the planned end of the Spring Festival, we will either extend the festival for an additional week or re-enable it once the patch is live to ensure everyone who has earned their Spring Festival mount can trade for it.

In the meantime, you’ll still be able to acquire all your tokens and everything you need to obtain the horse, you just won’t be able to trade them in until we have the fix in place.

We realize this is an inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding. We want everyone who has earned their mount to be able to enjoy it.

He also said the following today as to all the problems they have been having with festival horses of late:

With mounts 2.0 horses are now items. You use the item and obtain the skill that summons that specific type of horse. So each horse is a unique item unto itself. Adding a new horse means a new item.

The issue isn’t the vendor, but the item itself. Removing the vendor, blocked access to the item and thus the issue. We could not remove the offending item from the vendor nor fix the item without a client side patch, but we can disable the vendor without a patch. That’s why we’ve taken this approach until our previously scheduled patch window.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, we had to make a call; fix one thing now, or 20-30 things plus this thing in several weeks. Because of our release windows, doing the one thing now means pushing the other 20-30 out to an unknown period of time. We opted to add the horse issue to an already scheduled patch and make the festival and the vendor available for a longer period of time to compensate.

What’s more, when we introduce the Summer Festival, the Spring Festival horse vendor will also reappear, making sure we give everyone who earned their tokens the opportunity to trade for their Spring Horse.

So worry not, horse collectors, you will get you opportunities!

On another side note, Week of the RK is being extended into this week as well because I feel bad for only making one post on RKs :(

Spring Festival Guide

Here is a really great, comprehensive guide to this year’s Spring Fest. Gives you all the details on the quests and deeds there are to complete.

A Casual Stroll to Mordor’s Spring Festival Guide

Spring Festival Cosmetic Outfits!

Here are pictures of the new Spring Festival outfit pieces available this year!

Spring Festival Housing Items!

Here are pictures of all the new Spring Festival housing items! Courtesy of Jadzi.

This is only the new stuff for this festival, mind you.