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Winter-home Deed Rich/Poor Cosmetics

As I posted earlier, once completing 30 quests in Winter-home, the new Yule Fest town, you will be given the choice between two quests. The cosmetic quest rewards for each match the kind of people you will be helping (You get fancy clothes for helping the rich, shabby clothes for helping the poor).

I love the cosmetics of each! I will definitely be utilizing the wardrobe on these babies, let me tell you!


Without further ado, here they are!

Warden of Annuminas

I am going for a new goal on Herefara, my warden. I am going to complete not just all the deeds in Annuminas (that will get me the title Herefara, Warden of Annuminas) but all the deeds in Evendim entirely.

Scourge of Khazadum Instances Meta Deed and Reward

Saviour of Lothlorien deed fixed on BR, Pictures!

Here are some pictures of the newly obtained Wild Mountain Goat, now that the most recent patch to Bullroarer has been made.

Mines of Moria Instances Meta Deed and Reward