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LOTRO Crafting Calculator Updates!

After much testing and trying, Nav has finally come up with some great updates for the LOTRO Crafting Calculator!

Pipe-weed Animations Spreadsheet

What did I do with my snowy Sunday? I farmed rare pipe-weed. All day. And I recorded which kinds of pipe-weed did each kind of animation!

Now Introducing “Lotro: Crafting Calculator”

Nav, creator of the Conjuction Tutorial Flash game, has made a new tool for LOTRO crafters! Read his guest article here, now!

Cooking Calculators, Price Guides, and More

As my kin’s official chef, I am always stocking our kin chest with foods of various levels and farming ingredients. As any cook will tell you, this is expensive work! So to make sure I have the funds for any amount of food I want to make I utilize a variety of sources. So here is a set of very useful cooking guides:

Cookbook and Price Guide


  • Color coordinated by tier
  • Shows the stats given by each food
  • Shows how much silver you will need to make each for a stack or individually


  • Personally, I’m not a fan of having to look through a spread sheet everytime I want to make something and I just am not a fan of the way it is laid out, however this is just me personally, I know other people love this guide
  • Doesn’t include Rep food

Cooking 101


  • Completely up to date
  • Gives the time that each stat lasts


  • Again, I really just don’t like spreadsheets or the way this is laid out. It is confusing to me, but I think maybe spreadsheets just aren’t my thing…

And my favorite:

Crafting Calculator (This actually works for all crafting professions, not just cooking)


  • A layout I actually really really like!
  • You can tell it how much of anything you want to make in a crafting session and it will tell you how much of each ingredient you need, whether you farm it or buy it and how much each will cost you
  • Give you a list you can print off with check boxes you can mark off as you go along


  • Prices are not always accurate
  • Not up to date
  • Creator has given up on this project and unfortunately will not be updating it any further, which is a shame