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New Cloaks in the Store: November Update

I love public betas. They are so good to me. Unfortunately, I was too excited by the pretty-ness of these cloaks and forgot to move the tooltip around so that it would show up in the screen shot. But I think you guys will still appreciate seeing some pretty new cloaks anyway :)

So just to note: they are all 195 TP in the store (at present, remember this is beta) and they each have a Hooded and non-hooded version. There is one in here that is the non-hooded version, and that’s what all the non-hooded look like (that high-neck styling).

By the way, one of the cloaks totally looks like the LOTRO version of Three Wolf Moon.

New 2010 Yule Fest Items

I can’t tell you much about the new Winter-home village and Frostbluffs area for the 2010 Yule Festival because character copy is broken at the moment, but I have snagged some pics of the new cosmetic items!

Dye Comparison Pictures

Under the ‘Read More’ is pictures of how the new dyes compare with the old! Check them out!

I used the ‘Elegant Dress’ because you can see the dye vividly and in a pastel way at the same time.

Store-purchasable Cosmetics

Here are some pictures of many of the brand-new cosmetics available only in the LOTRO Store in Beta. Most of these (if not all) were 195 Turbine Points.

Info on the Wardrobe

You can put any cosmetic item OR armour piece into the wardrobe.

It is accessible via the Vault NPCs, just like the vault and shared storage.

The wardrobe makes a copy of the item and stores it there, however you still keep the original as well.

Why is it good then?