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Turbine Loses its Patience

Today marks a sad day in the LOTRO Community. Today, Patience announced on Twitter that this Friday will be her last day at Turbine. Here’s what she had to say on the forums:

Without question, working at Turbine and with such incredible communities, games, and players has been the highlight of my career. I have so many excellent memories – the birth of the populs, the legends of the chinchillas, LOTROG I & II, meeting so many of you at PAX on both coasts, plus a lot of our European players at GamesCom! Alpha, pre-beta, closed beta, open beta, launch and beyond. What a great six years it’s been.

I’m heading back to the west coast, where I grew up (yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a Los Angeles native), to be closer to my family. I am going to miss my Turbine family very much, but thanks to Twitter and Facebook, this isn’t goodbye.

You are all in very capable hands with the community folks old and new (well, Sapience is old, anyway – HA! YES! ONE LAST DIG!). They’ll keep working hard to keep the community informed and thriving all the way to Mordor.

Take care, my friends, and safe travels in Middle-earth!

With much affection,
Meghan, aka Patience

Good luck, wherever the road may take you :)

LOTRO Weekly is Looking for Writers!

Hello, LOTRO fans! Do you enjoy writing? Being up-to-date on LOTRO news? Helping others? Then you should write for LOTRO Weekly!

LOTRO Weekly is looking for one or two writers to join me in article writing. We are currently looking for people to write a weekly article with a singular topic/theme (Similar to our Weekly Outfit).

Possible topics may be…

  • LOTR Lore tidbits
  • Role-playing tips
  • Weekly video
  • Forums hot-topic summarization
  • A topic of your choosing!

Role-player’s Guide Book: a Set of Resources

Here, I will be putting together a set of links and resources to help those new to role-playing in LOTRO and for those who need to brush up on their skills. I’m including anything that I think could be relevant to the needs of a role-player.

Tips for Hosting In-Game Events (Part 2): An Interview with Fionnuala

Fionnuala is another wonderful community member who leads and is active in player-run events. She has hosted such events as the Hearts and Tarts Night of Romance, the Birth of Flowers, and on the 20th of June she will be hosting the Gates of Summer. She also writes the blog, Minstrel in the Gallery.

Tips for Hosting In-Game Events (Part 1): An Interview with Harperelle

Harperelle is a very active and widely known player on the Landroval server. She is part of the Lonely Mountain Band kinship and participates and hosts many events, some of them are special events while others are recurring.