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November Update: Class Consumables

Over on the forums someone posted the first iteration of the new consumables that are on Bullroarer. I say first iteration because as Sapience loves to remind us, anything in beta is subject to change.

With that in mind, here’s the giant picture of some of the new consumables.

Class-specific Guides to the Ettenmoors

I’ve noticed lately there’s been a lot of class-specific guides popping up for PvMP, so I thought I’d group as many of them together as I can find.

Guardian’s Guide

Minstrel’s Guide

Hunter’s Guide

Champion’s Guide (Soloing Specific)

Warden’s Guide [In Progress, this link takes you to the Landroval PvP boards where the discussion is underway.]

Also, Doc Holiday talks about Wardens in the Ettenmoors from time to time on his blog.

Also thought I would post this here, as I need to work on putting my meta-deed guides up on the lore-book.

Community Created Guide to Creating Community Creating Guides

I Am Warden

Lord of the Rings – Online “I am warden” from EveNArtworkS on Vimeo.

Gambit Guides

This is a gathering of some helpful gambit graphs, charts and lists that may make memorizing the wide variety of warden skills easier.

Warden Gambit Chart

  • Color coded
  • Available in 5 languages
  • Incredibly thorough

BurgZerg’s Gambit List

  • Organized by gambit starter
  • Short, sweet and to the point

Guide to Using Masteries

  • Colorful!
  • Threw this is because the switch from manual gambit building to Masteries use can be tricky, and this helps out

Cithryth’s Captain Guide

This is my captain guide that I wrote and published on the forums a while ago. In a separate guide I’m going to be sorting through all of the feedback I got on this guide as an “Alternatives” guide. That guide will probably have more of a raiding focus as my build/style I don’t think is very raid intensive.

Disclaimer: This guide showcases my opinions and what has worked for me, results may vary.

I do not claim to be the best captain or anything. I feel I do a well enough job in groups and decided to write an overview of the things I do to accomplish the captain’s role.