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My Characters’ Outfits

Today I thought I would showcase some of my characters’ outfits because many people on the forums ask about good outfits and such. I spend a lot of time in-game working out my outfits and take a lot of pride in them. So here they are…

Inroducing “Week of the ____”

Starting this week, every week will be dedicated to a certain class. I will post guides, tips, pictures, videos, etc. of which ever class is being honored that specific week.

The first class I will honor will be the Rune-keeper.

So look forward to it!

My Custom UI Set Ups (1.14.2010)

Cithryth’s UI –> using Uth UI

City’s UI –> using JappMe (SoM) Ivy

Herefara’s UI –> using DivineUI Gold Edition MCR

Piccollo’s UI –> using JappMe (SoM) Ivy

Sriracha’s UI –> using Cleanlinez 0.5