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Cithryth’s Walk

I decided to do an experiment. I’m going to see how long it takes to get from Bag End to Rivendell while set to walk. From Bag End down to the Great East Road was about 4 minutes. And of course, I will be pictorially recording my journey :)

Any guesses on how long it will take?

Just a Little News

  • I’m looking into getting a new WordPress theme. Probably one that shows a snippet of a lot of articles rather than this kind of reverse chronological one that I have now, seeing as chronology is not so important with the posts I make.
  • Thinking about submitting for a name change for Piccollo. I want something a bit more… lore-appropriate I guess. She’s from Bree-land so I’m thinking something like Abygail Thornwood or something slightly sinister sounding along those lines. Definitely going with Abygail for the first name though.
  • Still super busy with school stuff sorry! But I have lots of ideas for when I am un-busy. If you have any ideas for me or requests, whatever, let me know!

Herefara, Sriracha and Cithryth Photo Shoot

Many many pictures!

Everything About Cosmetics: A Tutorial

Cithryth’s Captain Guide

This is my captain guide that I wrote and published on the forums a while ago. In a separate guide I’m going to be sorting through all of the feedback I got on this guide as an “Alternatives” guide. That guide will probably have more of a raiding focus as my build/style I don’t think is very raid intensive.

Disclaimer: This guide showcases my opinions and what has worked for me, results may vary.

I do not claim to be the best captain or anything. I feel I do a well enough job in groups and decided to write an overview of the things I do to accomplish the captain’s role.