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My Thoughts on F2P

When I first read the announcement, I was upset. I was very upset.

But the more I read from what the developers and community managers have to say, the more I calm down and think it’s not going to be too bad. As a lifetime member, I do not loose any of my current benefits. I can keep playing in full and get 500 TP a month at no cost.

Everytime Turbine makes a big announcement, doom-and-gloom and hysterics occur. I am choosing to stay as far away from that as possible, so I am probably not going to be spending a whole lot of time in the forums.

I have also realized that I’ve been spending more time writing and reading about LOTRO than actually playing it, so I am going to be playing a lot more now. I apologize, as this means a decrease in articles, but I really miss just playing and not analyzing everything. I will post articles a few times a week, but not as much as I do now.

Have fun adventuring,


Memorial Day Photoshoot

Well, it’s Memorial Day here in the States so I thought I would take the day to make a photoshoot with Sriracha. Enjoy the pics!

Warden of Annuminas

I am going for a new goal on Herefara, my warden. I am going to complete not just all the deeds in Annuminas (that will get me the title Herefara, Warden of Annuminas) but all the deeds in Evendim entirely.


Today I decided to try a new custom UI for Herefara. I settled with DaimonUI, because I know the author is always very consistent about updates: always records his changes and is always very prompt about updating with a new LOTRO update.

Cithryth’s Walk: Conclusion!

Start time: 12:40 PM (CST) @ Bag End