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Class-specific Guides to the Ettenmoors

I’ve noticed lately there’s been a lot of class-specific guides popping up for PvMP, so I thought I’d group as many of them together as I can find.

Guardian’s Guide

Minstrel’s Guide

Hunter’s Guide

Champion’s Guide (Soloing Specific)

Warden’s Guide [In Progress, this link takes you to the Landroval PvP boards where the discussion is underway.]

Also, Doc Holiday talks about Wardens in the Ettenmoors from time to time on his blog.

Also thought I would post this here, as I need to work on putting my meta-deed guides up on the lore-book.

Community Created Guide to Creating Community Creating Guides

What We Wish Other Classes Knew

For every* class, the Lorebook has a guide written by the community for what they wish others knew about their class. Here are those guides, all in one place.







Lore Masters


*Every class but Rune-Keepers, unfortunately…

But don’t worry, I plan on making posts later that go into more details about each class.