Weekly Lore #1 — On Shirriffs

Shirriffs are the closest one comes to policemen in the Shire. They had no uniforms aside from a feather in their caps, and acted under the command of the First Shirriff, who was also the Mayor of Michel Delving. As a general rule there were only twelve in the entire Shire, with three assigned to each Farthing. It wasn’t a particularly difficult job, described by one Shirriff as “walking round the country and seeing fol, and hearing the news, and knowing where the good beer was.” Their duties also occasionally included helping the Shirefolk with animals gone astray.

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Now Introducing: Ofermod and the Weekly Lore!

Hey everyone! I am proud to introduce to you all Ofermod, the newest writer to the LOTRO Weekly team! He will be writing for us every Monday and giving us some new insight into lore-related topics. When he contacted me about writing for us, he gave us this information about himself:

I’ve played LotRO off and on ever since it came out (moreso now that it’s FTP and it just soaks up my time rather than my funds), and I’ve got some writing experience from the LotR journal Silver Leaves. Also, I happen to have earned the title of Loremaster by out-loring everyone else at the last “A Long Expected Party” convention (despite having a Loremaster as an alt rather than a main in LotRO).

We look forward to having Ofermod with us!

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Weekly Outfit #10

This week’s Weekly Outfit is courtesy of Lilandrael of the EU server Evernight!

The outfit is comprized of:

  • Balladeer’s Hat – Dyed Crimson
  • Long-sleeved Summer Dress – Dyed Black
  • Golden Tree Summer Cloak – Dyed Burgundy

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Miscellanious Panel Changes in Update 2

There have been a lot of other UI changes with Update 2 so far, mostly stemming from the Character Panel change and the LI revamp that is in the works. Here are some screenshots of the changes I’ve noticed so far.

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New Horses for Update 2

Two new horses have appeared in the store on Bullroarer. One is a new Lossoth Steed and the other is the Warden’s Steed. No word as of yet if they will be store exclusives or will be available for reputation.

Thanks to Griffy for being my model and getting the horses so I could photograph them!

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