Fire Rune-keepers: Skill Rotations and Trait Set Ups

Here is the first post this week to kick off Week of the Rune-keeper!

Originally posted by greenie30, however he deleted the information from the forums. Luckily, other people were able to re-gather the information, and now I am re-posting it here. Graphics are courtesy Xaxius.


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Inroducing “Week of the ____”

Starting this week, every week will be dedicated to a certain class. I will post guides, tips, pictures, videos, etc. of which ever class is being honored that specific week.

The first class I will honor will be the Rune-keeper.

So look forward to it!

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What We Wish Other Classes Knew

For every* class, the Lorebook has a guide written by the community for what they wish others knew about their class. Here are those guides, all in one place.







Lore Masters


*Every class but Rune-Keepers, unfortunately…

But don’t worry, I plan on making posts later that go into more details about each class.

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LOTRO Class Names in Other Languages

I found this interesting while looking at the European forums: it can be really hard to tell what classes are which in German or French! Some are pretty easy though.

Here are the names in German and French. See if you can figure them out! Click More to see the answers.


  1. Schurke
  2. Hauptmann
  3. Waffenmeister
  4. Wächter
  5. Jäger
  6. Kundiger
  7. Barde
  8. Runenbewahrer
  9. Hüter


  1. Cambrioleur
  2. Capitaine
  3. Champion
  4. Gardien
  5. Gardien des Runes
  6. Chasseur
  7. Maître du Savoir
  8. Ménestral
  9. Sentinelle

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World First Blue Roan Horse!

Spring Festival just got included on Bullroarer public test server. I am the world first (squee!) to get this horse:

More pictures here. Also, check my V3B1 Cosmetics and cooking photo albums again because I added more to both of them.

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