Everything About Cosmetics: A Tutorial

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The Shire

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I Am Warden

Lord of the Rings – Online “I am warden” from EveNArtworkS on Vimeo.

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Turbine’s DDO Offer Wall Troubles

Since Turbine runs both games, I thought this would be relevant to post. Turbine’s other MMO, Dungeons and Dragons Online, which recently switched to a ‘free to play’ model has been having trouble of late with their customer’s account information. Just two days ago, April 12, DDO introduced the new ‘Offer Wall’ which would allow people to get more Turbine points (In DDO, played can buy/spend Turbine points in order to gain access to different parts of the game, certain gear, etc) for ‘free’. ‘Free’ is never free of course. Apparently, Turbine used a company called SuperRewards, which is infamous on the internet for spreading malware and generally spamming people a lot. Unsurprisingly, this happened to many DDO players who even clicked on the Offer Wall link. Here is a link to the Massively.com article on the subject.

Yesterday, Patience posted on the DDO boards explaining what went wrong and what they are doing o fix it:

Part of our rollout for this program includes reviewing our filtering and publishing process. Clearly we allowed some questionable offers to get through in the first 24 hours of operation, which was not our intent.

In fact, we have clearly defined criteria for approving offers prior to their publication. This set of rules is designed to make sure that we deliver the best experience possible to players who participate in the Offer Wall program. Unfortunately, during the initial launch of the Offer Wall we did not do a thorough enough job of applying these rules to the launch offers. That has been corrected, and the Offer Wall now contains only a specific subset of offers that should provide the best quality experience to players.

Going forward we will work to apply our offer standard more thoroughly. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we’re sharing our Offer Wall Rules with you.

Here is Patience’s post with a list of the rules: Offer Wall Rules.

Here’s hoping nothing like this comes LOTRO’s way anytime soon.


Marketroid has made a post on the DDO forums saying they are taking down the Offer Wall, getting all the e-mail address deleted from the Super Rewards system and more or less thinking about their decisions on people’s privacy more.

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Gambit Guides

This is a gathering of some helpful gambit graphs, charts and lists that may make memorizing the wide variety of warden skills easier.

Warden Gambit Chart

  • Color coded
  • Available in 5 languages
  • Incredibly thorough

BurgZerg’s Gambit List

  • Organized by gambit starter
  • Short, sweet and to the point

Guide to Using Masteries

  • Colorful!
  • Threw this is because the switch from manual gambit building to Masteries use can be tricky, and this helps out
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