Pale Golden Summer Steed Video

Yay my first video!

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Nav’s Conjunction Tutorial

My best friend Nav made this fellowship maneuver tutorial a while ago and I just figured I would showcase it a bit. I know it is on the links sidebar on the site, but I will just highlight some of the features here:

  • Interactive flash-based tool for practicing fellowship maneuvers
  • Learn how to make ‘wheel’ fellowship maneuvers
  • Learn the unique fellowship maneuvers

Our kin can personally attest to the helpfulness of this tool. We are hardcore by no means but after everyone practicing a bit with this tutorial, all the leader has to do is assign a number to each person in the fellowship and no matter what the first color is that is chosen, we always end up with a functioning conjunction.

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Warner Brothers Buys Turbine

According to this statement from Patience:

“We have been looking to expand access to our online worlds to more players and more markets,” said Jim Crowley, president and CEO, Turbine, Inc. “This acquisition is very exciting because it allows us to expand globally while continuing to focus on creating spectacular online games that our loyal fans and players have come to expect.”

Discussion thread is here.

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Everyone Loves Patchnote Day

Patchnotes, YAY!

Now you can all stop whining and get your bloody horse(s).

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Herefara, Sriracha and Cithryth Photo Shoot

Many many pictures!

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