Class-specific Guides to the Ettenmoors

I’ve noticed lately there’s been a lot of class-specific guides popping up for PvMP, so I thought I’d group as many of them together as I can find.

Guardian’s Guide

Minstrel’s Guide

Hunter’s Guide

Champion’s Guide (Soloing Specific)

Warden’s Guide [In Progress, this link takes you to the Landroval PvP boards where the discussion is underway.]

Also, Doc Holiday talks about Wardens in the Ettenmoors from time to time on his blog.

Also thought I would post this here, as I need to work on putting my meta-deed guides up on the lore-book.

Community Created Guide to Creating Community Creating Guides

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Patchnote Round Up

Everyone has specific things they look for in the patch notes. I’m just going to post the things I found most exciting:

  • Anniversary tokens! For every 5 you get a gift box. Who knows what you could win.
  • Writ of Virtue: 20% bard discount for all your current and future characters
  • Spring Fest return: Don’t forget to go get your Blue Roan and Spring Fest steeds, April 26 through May 3 only!
  • Meta deeds: Saviour of Eriador, Savior of Khazad-dum, Saviour of Lothlorien
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Horses in Action

Decided to take off from the idea I had of making the video of the Pale Golden Summer horse and make a whole series of videos of special horses. I am limited, of course, as I do not have all available special horses but I do hope to one day. Here are the ones I have so far:a

Volume One Grey Horse

Harvestmath Horse

Yule Festival Snow Horse

Spring Festival Horse

Blue Roan Horse

Annuminas Horse

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Spring Blogger Gathering

I hope I can attend this. Just made a Cithryth on Nimrodel in case I can. We’ll see :)

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CStats 2.0 and Lord of the

CStats, an amazing parser tool for LOTRO, has just had a new version released!

The best part is the new that allows users to upload and share parses with kinmates and forumites.

From the link above you can download CStats and view parses by server and class.

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