A Beginner’s Visual Guide to Using .ABC Files and the Music System

Many people want to play beautiful music in-game on many of the lovely instruments the developers have provided. However playing by hand is frustrating at best. So how do you go about playing actual songs?

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Now Introducing “Lotro: Crafting Calculator”

Nav, creator of the Conjuction Tutorial Flash game, has made a new tool for LOTRO crafters! Read his guest article here, now!

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RusselDog’s Visual Guide to Entering Lotteries

RusselDog on the LOTRO Forums has created a simple, visual guide to entering the my.lotro lotteries.

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Warden of Annuminas

I am going for a new goal on Herefara, my warden. I am going to complete not just all the deeds in Annuminas (that will get me the title Herefara, Warden of Annuminas) but all the deeds in Evendim entirely.

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Today I decided to try a new custom UI for Herefara. I settled with DaimonUI, because I know the author is always very consistent about updates: always records his changes and is always very prompt about updating with a new LOTRO update.

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