LOTRO Weekly is Looking for Writers!

Hello, LOTRO fans! Do you enjoy writing? Being up-to-date on LOTRO news? Helping others? Then you should write for LOTRO Weekly!

LOTRO Weekly is looking for one or two writers to join me in article writing. We are currently looking for people to write a weekly article with a singular topic/theme (Similar to our Weekly Outfit).

Possible topics may be…

  • LOTR Lore tidbits
  • Role-playing tips
  • Weekly video
  • Forums hot-topic summarization
  • A topic of your choosing!

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A Visual Guide to Downloading and Installing Chiran’s Songbook Plugin

Chiran has created an amazing plugin for those interested in playing .abc files in game. For those of us who do, we know how annoying it can be sometimes alt-tabbing out of game to double check file names or using the /playlist option in-game to get an incredibly long list of all of our .abc files.

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Help Advertise LOTRO Weekly!

Hello, everyone! In case anyone wants to help us out here at LOTRO Weekly, I’ve made a set of 200×50 advertising banners that anyone can use. If you use them, remember to make them link back to LOTRO Weekly!

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Weekly Outfit #4

This week’s Weekly Outfit is courtesy of Waramir of Riddermark!

The outfit is comprized of:

Here’s what he has to say about the outfit:

I though I’d share my captain’s adventure look ;)
He is supposed to resemble a chief of a wild tribe, a rugged explorer and a relative of Dunland.

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;target Alias Guide

I always find myself trying to find this guide and needing to reference it. I didn’t even know about it for the longest time. Thought I’d post it here for those who have not yet discovered it.

The ;target alias and you!

It’s incredibly helpful for role-playing (When you have a set story you want to tell but don’t want to type the whole thing out live, have certain emotes you use all the time, etc), Lore-masters, and Festivals (I usually use the ;target alias for the dance steps!).

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