Weekly Outfit #12

This week’s Weekly Outfit is courtesy of me, Cithryth of Windfola, because no one sent me any outfits this week! Here is my dwarf minstrel, Strumskald.

The outfit is comprized of:

  • Robe of the Stone Hewer – Dyed purple
  • Cloak of the Dreamflower – Dyed purple
  • Fingerless Gloves – Dyed burgundy
  • Brushed Leather Boots- Dyed burgundy

Here’s what I have to say about this outfit:

I really wanted to RP a slightly eccentric traveling dwarf merchant. I figured that brighter colors would probably go best with his personality, and purple has always struck me as a good dwarf color.

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  1. Toman says:

    I passed by your dwarf the other day and listened to him play a couple songs. Had no idea that was you though lol

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