Weekly Lore #2 — On The Quick Post

The Quick Post, or Messenger Service, was one of two ‘services’ in the Shire, the other being the Watch. Like the First Shirriff of the Watch, the Postmaster of the Quick Post was always the Mayor of Michel Delving. Unlike the Shirriffs, the Messengers of the Quick Post were kept fairly busy.

In particular, the Quick Post was used for both invitations and RSVPs for Bilbo Baggins’s Long Expected Party when he turned 111. Due to the sheer number of invitations and responses, the Hobbiton and Bywater post-offices were inundated and forced to call for voluntary assistant postmen.

No Messengers are ever named in-story, but Dora Baggins used their services to write quite a deal of good advice to relatives. Milo Burrows, on the other hand, was known for never answering letters at all.

In LotRO:

The Quick Post is present throughout the Shire in LotRO. It is even featured in the intro quest for Hobbit players, as the Postmen refuse to deliver letters to Archet due to the unrest in the area. During the main part of the game, players can aid the Postmen in restoring the name of the Quick Post by delivering mail throughout the Shire without being stopped by Nosy Hobbits. Upon delivering all the satchels of mail, the player is rewarded with the title “of the Quick Post,” along with a Postmaster’s Cloak.

[Spoilers Follow]

Like the Watch, the Quick Post was taken over by Sharkey during the War of the Ring. The ordinary hobbits of the Shire were forbidden from sending messages, and the Post was instead used to send special messages and orders to and from the Shirriffs and Ruffians in the Shire, with a series of relay runners used to expedite delivery. In particular, the Quick Post was used to send news on the movements of Frodo & Company, as well as the order for their arrest.

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