Now Introducing: Ofermod and the Weekly Lore!

Hey everyone! I am proud to introduce to you all Ofermod, the newest writer to the LOTRO Weekly team! He will be writing for us every Monday and giving us some new insight into lore-related topics. When he contacted me about writing for us, he gave us this information about himself:

I’ve played LotRO off and on ever since it came out (moreso now that it’s FTP and it just soaks up my time rather than my funds), and I’ve got some writing experience from the LotR journal Silver Leaves. Also, I happen to have earned the title of Loremaster by out-loring everyone else at the last “A Long Expected Party” convention (despite having a Loremaster as an alt rather than a main in LotRO).

We look forward to having Ofermod with us!

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