Winter Home Resolution: Yay Cosmetics!

According to those who loaded up Bullroarer to test out the patch coming on Monday. Thus far, only information has been gleaned regarding those who helped the poor for the Honoured Yule Gust deed. But that information will come as a sweet reward to those who did!

From Fredelas, via the forums:

The message has an item attached that bestows a quest (“Good Deeds at Yule-time”) to talk to Nora Strawley in Bree. It’s not clear from testing on Bullroarer what the the prerequisite is for receiving this message in the mail, but I suspect it may be from having completed the deed “Honoured Yule-friend” and choosing to help the poor. There may be an alternative quest with different rewards for players who chose to help the rich.

Upon completing the quest, players will receive 3 things:

  • The cosmetic item: Frostbluff Robe of Thanks
  • The cosmetic item: Frostbluff Dress of Thanks
  • The title, “Villain” (regardless of whether players purchased it, earned it, or even participated in the Theatre event during the Festival)

I think the “Villain” title is a bug, and the intended reward is the title “Thespian”. I’ve reported this as a bug on Bullroarer, but since the patch comes out Monday morning, and it’s a weekend, I doubt it will get fixed in time. (It’s also possible that QA caught this already and it just wasn’t fixed in the build we are testing on Bullroarer.)

Thanks for being a dilligent tester, Fredelas! He also posted the following picture. Don’t forget to go to the original thread (linked above) as Fedelas has added in how each item dyes! Another friendly reminder: This is on the Bullroarer server. Anything and everything is subject to change!

Update 1/24 –

Budgeford has given us more information on this quest. You will receive the mail if you did the quest that gave you the Blameless title. The mail will come based on when you finished that quest:

The time frame on receiving the mail should be approximately 30 days after completing the final quest to help Daley Utteridge and Gareth Rust. I don’t know the exact number off the top of my head (sorry).

Budgeford also says that recieving the title ‘Villain’ is a bug, Turbine is not actually calling you all villains :p

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