Appearance of the Mysterious Relics

It seems there has been a mysterious arrival in Middle-earth today in the form of rune-carved, glowing stones throughout the world!

Hobbits are very upset about this, especially one Bungo Grubb from Oatbarton.

These rocks are popping up all over Middle-earth. I will documenting their locations here. If you wish to know where they are and other additional spoilers/rumors, read on…

Data taken from This Thread

Thor’s Comb – Brungos 67.2S, 8.3W

Oatbarton – 23.6S 66.7W in some fields east of town

North Downs – 10.9S, 50.4W

Forochel – 16.9, 59.5

Big room in Laenen caves Trollshaws, Cave Entrance 24.8S, 17.7W

Reward: Title, “Calm Before the Storm”


Someone posted on the Codemasters forums, what I think to be, the most likely answer.

They also posted a quote from the Lore-book with a link:

These five, embodying death, pestilence, famine, war, and purest evil, became known as the Gaunt-lords.

I believe, as others do, that these have to do with the new instance cluster. In the interview podcast that some of the Turbine people did, they mentioned that the new raid cluster would take place in Eriador and ‘involve enemies we already know’. We have already met the Gaunt-Lords.

So can we now assume that these rocks give clues to where the new instances will be? I myself have seen the new town on the rocks in North Downs, which is within view of the Mysterious Relic in the North Downs. In the Codemasters link above, someone posted a screenshot of some new ruins in the Trollshaws that could very well be an instance. I have also seen a castle in Enedwaith that upon further inspection is brimming with wights and barghests, however you cannot get in it.

Cithryth’s Edit #1:

You know, the more I think about it, the more I think that the Pestilence and Famine stones are switched in the above picture. When you talk to the hobbits surrounding the stone in the Shire, they talk about how ill they feel near it (Pestilence = diseased). The description of the rock in the Trollshaws says, “You feel suddenly faint and are overcome by a wave of dizziness and a strong feeling of sickness”. Yes, that could be pestilence but the faintness and dizziness sounds more like famine to me.

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