Weekly Outfit #5

This week’s Weekly Outfit is courtesy of Zogskald of Landroval!

The outfit is comprized of:

  • Ale Association Robe
  • Scavenger’s Lot [Shoulders]
  • Cook’s Trappings
  • Tindir’s Ward [Hat]

Here’s what Zogskald has to say about the outfit:

To suit what I imagine to be his ebullient personality, I wanted to put something colorful and festive together for the holidays. Since he’s my first toon on this server and still low level, his outfit is put together from easily accessible lowbie items and items bought off the store. The starting point is the Ale Association Robe, which turns out to have perfectly seasonal red accents when dyed olive. Other items include The Scavenger’s Lot and the Cook’s Trappings on his back. Oh, and lots of olive and red dye! Tindr’s Ward is his hat. It looks like a stocking cap to me and, with its red stripes, really hits home Zogskald’s secret desire to depart Middle-earth and live in Santa’s workshop! ;)

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