;target Alias Guide

I always find myself trying to find this guide and needing to reference it. I didn’t even know about it for the longest time. Thought I’d post it here for those who have not yet discovered it.

The ;target alias and you!

It’s incredibly helpful for role-playing (When you have a set story you want to tell but don’t want to type the whole thing out live, have certain emotes you use all the time, etc), Lore-masters, and Festivals (I usually use the ;target alias for the dance steps!).

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  1. Renerond says:

    So there is RP in lotro. can you give me some tips or plaves on/where people RP?

  2. Cithryth says:

    The biggest server with the most RP is Landroval. Crickhollow also has a fair amount of RP. The Prancing Pony in Bree is your best bet location wise for some RP. Also, somewhere on this site I posted a whole list of resources for RPers (Such as dialogue tips, lore, etc).

  3. Renerond says:

    oh sweet im on Crick hollow so that pree good.

  4. Thalian says:

    Another good resource is here:


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