Role-player’s Guide Book: a Set of Resources

Here, I will be putting together a set of links and resources to help those new to role-playing in LOTRO and for those who need to brush up on their skills. I’m including anything that I think could be relevant to the needs of a role-player.

There are 3 sections. Lore, Style, and Game Mechanics. The Lore section contains links to encyclopedias and naming guides which will help you create a realistic name and background for your character. The Style section covers basic conversation etiquette, speech conventions and information for RP events. The Game Mechanics section includes anything in the game that I think a role-player might need to know (IE, how to play .abc files, how to use the cosmetic system, where all the pubs are, etc).


Encyclopedia of Arda

Thain’s Book

Names of Middle-earth

Middle-earth Name Generator


Sabo’s Guide to Effective Role-Playing

Blackwarden’s Guide to Finding RP

Blackwarden’s Newcomer RP Guide, especially Part 4 and Part 5

Harperelle’s and Fionnuala’s Tips for Hosting Events

Game Mechanics

Beginner’s Guide to .abc Files

How to Sync .abc Files

Epic Story Narrative (Spoilers, FYI) Despite the spoilers, it could help you plan out RP in advance

CSTM’s Housing Decoration and Furniture Guide

Darzil’s Crafting Guide (shows the cosmetics of all armour pieces both made and barterable)

Angler’s Guide to Fishing

Quick Guide to the Inn League (Gives the location of most if not all the pubs in LOTRO as well as their specialty brews)

Cosmetics Guide

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