November Update’s New Mounts

Here are pictures of the new Reputation and meta-Reputation mounts!

Very very interesting designs. I like some more than others, and some I think are outright ugly. Won’t stop me from grinding rep though!

And yes, we do have horses with flags now.

Mathom Society

Thorin’s Hall


Rangers of Esteldin

Elves of Rivendell

Steed of the Elf-Lords

Requires kindred with the Elves of Rivendell, Galladhrim, and Malledhrim.

Recieve: Title “Ambassador of the Elves”, Steed of the Elf-Lords, 20 Turbine Points

Steed of Eriador

Requires kindred with:

Mathom Society

Men of Bree

Thorin’s Hall


Rangers of Esteldin

Wardens of Annuminas

Lossoth of Forochel

Elves of Rivendell

Council of the North

Grey Compnay


Recieve: Title “World Renowned”, Steed of Eriador, 50 Turbine Points

Rank 12

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6 Responses to “November Update’s New Mounts”

  1. Padyndas says:

    Thanks for these pictures. I will be able to get the Mathom society Horse and the thorin’s Hall goat right off the bat. I’m stoked that I’ll finally be able to get a better goat to use in Moria to replace the free goat I’ve been using with only 60 morale.

  2. [...] statistically inferior) versions of the mounts on the store, and hopefully everyone is happy. Plus, more rep mounts are on their way into the game — I very much want the Mathom rep horse (gimme it, stupid [...]

  3. Goreamir says:

    Very cool, but this is going to get expensive. Are all these new mounts 5 or 6 Gs like most of the other rep mounts? I’m still tryng to save for all the mounts available to me now.

  4. Cithryth says:

    Unfortunately, yes they are all around 5g 500s, except the Elf Ambassador and Seed of Eriador horses (since they are deed horses they are automatically acquired). And yes, I know it is quite expensive :( Recently I have been doing nothing but attempt to raise money for the horses.

  5. Heledir says:

    Not sure about your server but I find gold is much easier to come by since f2p. A few hours of skirmishes can easily yield a Scroll of Empowerment which sells for about 18 gold on the auction house. That should be more than enough to buy you all of the mounts. I don’t find 5g to be very expensive at all and a few extra hours raising gold doesn’t bother me.

    Thanks for the guide :^)

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