November Update: Bullroarer Patchnotes are Up!

Here are the notes in full.

Of special note:

  • Big increase to reputation mounts, both in quantity of mounts and the abilities thereof.
  • Barter Wallet, for all your skirmish marks! (OMG Finally!)
  • Ered Luin re-vamp
  • Storage re-vamp
  • Tasks: infinitely repeatable quests, over 250 of them
  • Character re-name tokens in the store
  • Crafting changes: farmers get a break and something new called ‘Ingredient Packs’
  • New consumables for all classes

Also missed this on first go through:

New Dye colors are available: Evendim Blue, Sea Blue, Forest Green, Ered Luin Blue, Purple, Rivendell Green, Rose, Crimson, Ranger Green, and Yellow. Keep an eye open for the new dye recipes or visit the Lotro Store where the new dyes are also available.


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