One Month Later: F2P Success

Free to Play has now been live for a month. And so far we have all managed to survive!

The biggest fear of the long standing community prior to the release of F2P was the death of the oft-touted ‘most mature MMO community’. People were afraid that new comers from other MMOs would come to our beloved LOTRO and soil it with their potty mouths.

At first, there were some problems in OOC chats in the starter areas. Many people came to the forums to complain about F2P’ers spewing vulgarities into the chat channels. From my personal experience on Windfola, I have not seen anything of the sort. Sure there have been some annoying behaviors, but nothing so bad as to bring out the report button, I feel.

The one marked difference across all servers though is the population boom. I have never seen so many people on Windfola as I have in the past month. That’s even taking expansion releases into account. People have been tracking these changes across the servers. The populations of each server have changed drastically. Some that were in the top population wise have dropped and, surprisingly, the newer servers are absolutely booming. See this thread for info on individual servers: Choosing a server (A Guide).

My opinion is that so far, F2P is a big success for LOTRO. A huge increase in population bodes well for the game. Not to mention all the threads on the forums from new players explaining how they fell in love with the game and have already subbed up in a short amount of time. The increase of funds to the game is bound to bring in more updates at a faster rate than we have seen in the past year.

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