Info on the Wardrobe

You can put any cosmetic item OR armour piece into the wardrobe.

It is accessible via the Vault NPCs, just like the vault and shared storage.

The wardrobe makes a copy of the item and stores it there, however you still keep the original as well.

Why is it good then?

  • Any character can use any of the items in the wardrobe, regardless of whether it is bound to someone else. The exception to this is reputaion cosmetics or armour that has a level requirement or heavy/medium requirment.
  • You can use dye directly on the wardrobe, so you don’t need to keep the original. The wardrobe stores the outfit in every color you have dyed it. So if you want, you can put in one dress, bye a dye of each color, use them each on the dress that is in the wardrobe and POOF! You have a dress in every color.*
  • You can sort the wardrobe by color or by body part (Chest item, head item, etc)
  • Starts with 20 slots and up to 50 are purchasable in the store

*Note: Each cosmetic item still only takes up one slot in your wardrobe, no matter how many colors you dye it. Colors are viewable as a drop down.

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