Spring Festival 2010!

Today kicked off the Spring Festival, introducing the new, Blue Roan Steed, available only during the festival.

Unfortunately, according to the Known Issues thread, Will Peartree (the Festival horse barter NPC) has been taken offline.

This was only as of around 4:30 CST, as I was able to get the Blue Roan on Sriracha and the Spring Fest Horse on Herefara before that happened.

Rumor is that the reason is because one of the three items needed to barter for the horse, the Document of Ownership, that you had to purchase from Will Peartree, was being sold for 3 silver, instead of the 1 gold it was suppose to be (or 7 silver if you had never bought a horse and 4 gold if you had never bought a horse).

This is doubly disappointing because last year’s Spring Festival, which debuted the original Spring Fest Horse, had the horse race pulled a mere few hours after it began, never to return. Thus, very few people per server actually got the horse. If this were to happen again, many people would be upset, including myself.

Here is the original Spring fest Horse, which is also (was?) available this festival:


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