LOTRO E3 Round-Up

With E3 having come to a close this year, I’ll re-cap some of the exciting news and sneak-peeks that LOTRO showed the press these past few days. Maps, store views and more!

I posted some pictures in an earlier article of the LOTRO store, but they left a lot to be desired, so here are some official screen shots:

Obviously since the prices are often just 20 TP or marked as ‘nnnn’, they are just placeholder prices. Nothing here is set in stone remember, the store is still in its early beta stages.

On the subject of pictures, here is a lovely Enedwaith map, courtesy of Massively.com:

Remember that Enedwaith is going to be directly south of Eregion (you can see on the north end of the map where it says ‘To Eregion).

Ten Ton Hammer says about Eregion:

Enedwaith will introduce four new dungeons to the game that will be associated with the new epic storyline. Three of those dungeons will be solo instances and the fourth will be an open world dungeon, much like the Bree reputation dungeon of Haudh Iarchith. While there won’t be a focus on the group instance game with this update, Turbine representatives ensured us that new instances are on the books for the following update.

Something else that is very interesting and is the answer to many old-school LOTRO players’ prayers is this:

Due to player feedback on their official forums, Turbine will make the old world raid instances available through the Skirmish interface for any group size, from solo to 24-man raid. These aren’t technically Skrimishes so you will receive no Skirmish Marks, but they use the Skirmish technology to set the instance difficulty, port you there and then drop you back into the world when you are done. No word yet on if you be able to solo the raid trophies, but they are working on more cosmetic rewards with the graphical look of the old world raid armor.

Also from the Massively article, an ‘update’ to housing is mentioned, although they say no specifics were spoken of.

From the TenTonHammer article, an interesting note about session play is mentioned:

Another feature will involve new Session Play content that will allow players to experience the game as a Ranger and learn about Aragorn’s forefathers.

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